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Across the country there are significant and increasing needs for mental health services. The prevalence of mental health needs for rural and urban residents is similar, but the available services are very different in terms of timely access and availability. Some of the common factors present across rural communities like Walla Walla are:
1) an individual in need of diagnosis or treatment for a mental health disorder has often waited longer to seek treatment,
2) by the time that individual seeks treatment, it may not be accessible in driving/walking distance and
3) there is often limited availability of providers.

The goal of this project is to promote education and accessibility as well as decrease stigma of seeking therapy. We have partnered with local doctors and therapists to provide resources and information regarding various mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety and various substance use disorders for those in need or those who have questions. Additionally, we strive to create a network of reference between our community providers so as to make the best treatment available.

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